Adam Hall Group appoints STD Pro Audio as exclusive Cameo distribution partner in Bolivia

Adam Hall Group continues to expand its international sales network. With STD Pro Audio the event technology vendor headquartered in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, has gained a new distribution partner in Bolivia. STD Pro Audio has already successfully implemented projects with Cameo in the past and is now the exclusive distributor for Adam Hall Group’s lighting technology brand in the Bolivian market.

Based in Cochabamba, STD Pro Audio was founded in 2011 by Wilson Reynaga López and has quickly developed into a leading vendor of event technology in Bolivia. In addition to distributing lighting and audio technology, the company also acts a service provider in the live event and installation markets. Milestones include upgrading the lighting technology at Teatro Internacional de Oruro, including the installation of Cameo moving lights.

”With Cameo, we offer our customers in Bolivia a comprehensive overall package that not only encompasses high-quality lighting technology, but also specialised technical support,” explained Wilson Reynaga López, Managing Director of STD Pro Audio. “Adam Hall Group’s experience and expertise, combined with our strong focus on customer service, enable us to establish a new level of quality in the industry.”

Markus Jahnel, COO of Adam Hall Group, added: “We are delighted to have found a strong partner in Bolivia in STD Pro Audio. As in many other South American countries, the market for live and cultural events is booming here, too. Wilson Reynaga López and his team have proven through numerous successful projects that they are well connected in the industry and have the ideal prerequisites to establish Cameo as a brand in the Bolivian lighting technology market.”

Claypaky Sharpy Plus lights up Fito Páez anniversary tour in Buenos Aires

Argentine rock and pop musician Fito Páez continued his “El amor 30 años después del amor” tour last year with a December 16 concert at the Estadio UNO – Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi in Buenos Aires where 54 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures enhanced the energy on stage.

The tour marked the 30th anniversary of Páez’s breakout album, “El Amor despues del Amor,” the pinnacle of his commercial success. In 1992 the artist sold more than 750,000 copies of the album and played sold-out concert dates. Thirty years later he drew sell-out crowds to a commemorative tour from Gonna Go! Producciones that began in 2022. In the tour’s first year, Páez played shows in South America and the US; last year he expanded the tour to include additional South American countries as well as Canada and Europe.

Lighting Designer Gaspar Potocnik selected a large complement of Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures from rental house Técnica Vidal to enhance the dynamic shows that thrilled fans.

“The Sharpy Plus stands out for its versatility, colourimetry, motorization and aperture range. It produces a beam or spot that facilitates multiple uses making them a very interesting tool to operate,” says Agustín “Coqui” Poblete, Lighting Technician atTécnica Vidal. The company also furnished the local lighting crew, which included Poblete, Gustavo Porollan, Daniel Toledo, José Gutiérrez and Darío Gil.

Total Show Pro adopts Optocore solution for LP’s arena show

Audio Consultant and Sound Engineer Victor Baeza Evia recently championed the use of Optocore fibre solutions in Mexico.

During his work on a past event, Evia decided to purchase a set of Optocore DD32R-FX AES/EBU fibre interfaces, along with  DD6NE Ethernet switches and X6R converters, after being introduced to the platform by Dubai-based AgorA LLC. Returning to the Emirates in December 2023 to again work with AgorA LLC, these Optocore products were put to use at the UN COP28 UAE Climate Change Convention at Dubai’s Expo City. 

“The first time I saw the units I just fell in love with them—I could see they were built like a tank,” Evia said.   

Recently, he sub-rented the Optocore devices to AV rental company, Total Pro Show. “Total Show have traditionally been running most of their networks on Cat5 or XLR," he revealed. "They were looking to invest in a more rugged solution, but it’s not always easy to get proper outdoor cable. So, I proposed the idea of running fibre on their corporate and music events, where they are delivering sound from different locations or over long distances, rather than the standard format.”  

Evia commented that the company was excited at the prospect. “They also saw Optocore as a great solution to run their d&b PA and [DiGiCo] digital desks. The DD6 sits perfectly in that set-up for inputs and outputs and as part of a FOH network, especially with amplifiers now network-controlled. We have also been trying to do the lighting with the DD6 and that has worked well.”  

At the Foro GNP Seguros Arena in Mérida, during the Mexican leg of the artist LP's Love Lines tour, Evia deployed the Optocore fibre solution for PA transmission, distribution, control and monitoring. Since its success in the Foro GNP Seguros Arena, it has been specified for shows with Alejandra Guzman and Manuel Medrano in Auditorio La Isla Merida.  

“Our Optocore solution consists of a single ring with a pair each of the DD32 and DD6 devices, which provides a lot of flexibility, with the rock-solid redundancy that only Optocore can supply." The feedback we received was extremely positive. Everyone has been amazed by the transparency, quality, low latency, and redundancy that these devices give us at every show,” Evia concluded.

Robe helps power Red Bull Batalla World Final in Colombia

Bogotá’s Movistar Arena staged the 2023 Red Bull Batalla World Final, celebrating the creativity, importance, and popularity of freestyle rap culture in Spanish-speaking communities. The event was fully loaded with energy and excitement and lit by Madrid, Spain-based lighting designer Edu Valverde from design studio Experiencias Visuales.

Edu utilised over 200 Robe moving lights to realise an eye-catching show design for the tournament which was attended live by a lively 14,000-capacity audience and streamed worldwide.

On Edu’s lighting plot were 105 x Robe MegaPointes, 66 x Spiiders and 53 x BMFL WashBeams, all delivered by Bogota-based rental company, Linea Estratégica, who also take care of all things technical for the venue and were picked to deliver specific results for this spectacular show.

Edu has previously lit Red Bull Batalla tournament finals in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the previous one in Madrid, in addition to several national finals in Spain, so he knows the brief, and was very excited to be working with a great team in Colombia on this one.

The 2022 event featured an LED screen and video-heavy design, so in 2023, he wanted to turn this around and produce an equally dazzling environment but this time with “light being the main protagonist”.

The set design was – similar to 2022 – a collaboration between producers Babbla Studio, the Redbull Batalla team and Experiencias Visuales. A long and slightly quirky-shaped runway stage allowed contestants to strut their stuff and connect with fans in the audience.

The objective was to create an atmosphere that reflected the intensity and energy of freestyle rap, explained Edu, and one of his methods was to have different lighting zones, some which were high contrast areas reinforcing the drama of stage entrances, others where the battles took place which were perfectly illuminated.

Apart from the demands of live show lighting, the multicamera shoot – directed by Paulí Subirá – and global telecast meant he had to light efficiently and effectively for camera, all the time not losing that critical connection with the audience that is so fundamental to rap shows and live broadcasts.

The distinctive runway design was fundamental to Edu’s lighting strategy. His aesthetic involved two types of ‘base’ light, one covering access to the runways filled with harder, more dramatic key light, achieved using overhead BMFLs cutting across the runway, working in conjunction with the second, a perimeter of MegaPointes creating a ‘beam corridor’ matching the movement of artists as they entered the battle arena.

The 105 MegaPointes were located around the stage and the runway, and used for a myriad of dynamic effects and to emphasize key moments.

In beam mode, some defined the outline of the runway, both on the deck and from the overhead trusses creating those special kinetic effects in unison with the artists. The balance of the MegaPointes were rigged on the perimeter trusses running in spot mode, utilized to create beams with gobos and aerial movements.

The 66 Spiiders were used to enhance ambience across the bleacher seating areas and on the arena floor as well as providing general room lighting, while the BMFL WashBeams were the event’s primary key lighting.
They were positioned perfectly to light the front section of the battleground and also cover the talent waiting area in addition to the runway overhead lighting.

Edu wanted these three different types of Robe fixtures for multiple reasons.

He likes BMFLs for their “uniform output and shutter system”. MegaPointes he selected for their sheer versatility, adaptability, and effectiveness as both beam and spot fixtures for creating effects and textures. The high performance of the Spiiders in saturated colours and their zoom capabilities were ideal for illuminating the audience.

Before drawing up the design, he ensured that all these fixtures would be available for the show.

Linea Estratégica is well known for its quality and service for the Balatta. They supplied all the lights plus trussing/rigging, audio and a full show video package. Also being a technical supplier at the Movistar Arena and very familiar with all its nuances, “everything went wonderfully smoothly,” noted Edu.

Robe is one of Edu’s go-to brands that he regularly requests "for its innovation, reliability, and the exceptional quality of the optics and light coming out of the fixtures, all aspects that are crucial in live events."

Among the biggest challenges of lighting this event was adapting the rig to the unique design of the stage and synchronizing with all the fully improvised performances which kept everyone on the edge, proving a great test of their imaginative agility, rhythmic and technical skills!

On top of that, creating an atmosphere suitable for both broadcast and live performance was a “significant challenge,” recalls Edu.

The get-in and set up time was tight, with only two overnight onsite programming sessions which were intense. However, good advance planning and the magic and convenience of visualization using WYSIWYG and Depence3 enabled Edu to leave Madrid with the building blocks already programmed, so on site in Bogota, the focus was on tidying up and finessing.

For him, the most interesting part of the project was creating a unique atmosphere to complement the vibe, vibrance and spontaneity of freestyle, keeping the focus on the artists.

"You use both organization and flexibility to tune in to the performances unfolding onstage in front of you,” said Edu, adding that a “harmony and understanding of freestyle culture also helps this process.”

Audience LED wristbands were also integral to the overall illuminated effects, providing a very homogeneous yet dynamic and constantly changing background.

Edu worked alongside a highly talented team including three production managers – Javier Svietozar (Red Bull), Enrique Garcia (Babbla Studio) and Yalesa Echevarría from local company Duir – plus Fabio Cuellar from Linea Estratégica; lighting operator David Carrasquillas, lighting programmer Juan Manuel Lazaro, sound engineer Felipe Lara and video content director Jaime Dusan from Nativo.

"The team was amazing! The local production and technical crews worked tirelessly and were super professional, throughout all the months planning and leading up to the setup and show. AND, the passion and enthusiasm of the Colombian audience added another fantastic and very memorable dimension to the event.”

The Batalla World Final 2023 was enjoyed by peak audiences of over 850,000 people tuning in to the livestream broadcast to share the action-packed series of thrills happening in the Movistar Arena.

The tournament’s many highs included a rap-off between the then reining – and only three times – champion Aczino and popular challenger Chuty who emerged as the eventual Red Bull Batalla 2023 winner after a final battle with Fat N that saw both artists delivering incendiary performances!

Navori Labs deploys digital signage and analytics solution for Walmart

Navori Labs has deployed a unified digital signage software and AI-based camera analytics solution for Walmart Connect, the omnichannel retail media business of Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica. The solution is now live across all 173 Walmart Supercenters in Mexico and 180 of 200 in-country Sam’s Club locations, with the remaining 20 stores to follow.

The integrated Navori Labs QL digital signage and Aquaji analytics solution allows Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica to gather customer engagement metrics and offer valuable analytics, including shopper demographics, to DOOH advertising partners that advertise their brands across their in-store digital media networks. Navori Labs is the only digital signage supplier to also offer an in-house-developed marketing analytics solution, ensuring seamless interoperability with QL’s digital signage content management and playout workflow.

Navori Labs came onto Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica’s radar earlier this year when business leaders expressed an interest in developing a digital signage strategy that would also support programmatic DOOH advertising, ad campaign management and proof of playback reporting. Navori’s Aquaji solution provides shopper demographics and foot traffic data directly within QL’s CMS, alongside proof of play data for ads.

The data is valuable for both Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica and its advertising partners, as all parties can access deep analytics that help them enhance campaign strategies based on real-time, store-level customer behaviors captured through Aquaji cameras. At present, each store has one camera near the entrance that can automatically swivel to anonymously track customers. The camera is installed with a “Totem” that also includes a large built-in portrait display for digital signage content presentation, powered through QL software.

Walmart Connect expects to add more QL-powered displays and Aquaji cameras in strategic store locations moving forward, including integration with existing system-on-chip (SoC) displays that show digital signage content.

“The Totem has an audience measurement camera that provides us with invaluable data, as it helps us better understand our customers’ consumption habits in order to offer segmented strategies based on our advertisers’ campaign objectives,” said Jonatan Fasano, Head of Product, Walmart Connect Mexico y Centroamerica.

In addition to adding more screens and cameras, plans include deploying additional QL features including its advertising campaign module, advanced content scheduling, and context-aware automation for content playout. The latter two features will allow network operators to automate all content management based on business rules, reducing the need for manual, day-to-day content management tasks.

In the meantime, the unified solution is helping DOOH advertisers monetize their campaigns by selecting the days and times when their target demographics are most known to be in the store. This is among the standout benefits that Navori Labs CEO Jerome Moeri had in mind upon bringing Aquaji to market.

“As the first to market with a unified digital signage and analytics solution, we are now seeing the benefits of this technology in action for Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica and other Navori customers,” said Moeri. “Rather than piece together software solutions from disparate vendors with inconsistent success, the native interoperability of QL and Aquaji offers our customers in retail and other vertical markets with an out-of-the-box solution that produces immediate results upon deployment to make smarter business decisions and improve the customer experience. We look forward to extending the solution into additional heavy foot traffic areas of Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica’s to capture an even broader set of data for stores and advertisers.”

Oncue specs NEXO for BRASS Modern Grill House in Cancún

Mexican AV automation specialists, Oncue, has designed and installed more than a hundred NEXO systems in bars, restaurants, hotels, superyachts, and even homes around the country.

With offices in Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City, the company is headquartered in Cancún and has established a reputation among local hospitality venue operators for providing systems that meet and exceed what is typically a demanding set of requirements.

“It’s a party atmosphere in Cancún and (nearby) Tulum, so sound systems are required to handle much more than simply background music” said Oncue Director General Héctor Ortega Valles. “The NEXO systems we install are typically operating at over 100dB for up to 15 hours a day.”

Oncue’s latest installation is at the BRASS Modern Grill House, part of the Fish Fritanga Group, where select cuts of meat are lovingly prepared and cooked over hot coals for a discerning clientele, and where a NEXO ID and ePS Series system for background music is also required to amplify a live band with piano, bass, drums and singers, every Friday and Saturday night.

“Consistent coverage is always the key to a successful installation, and we use NEXO NS-1 software every day to design and predict system performance” commented Héctor. “At BRASS we installed 6 x ePS8s in the restaurant, 4 x ID24s on the terrace, and additional ID24s in a VIP area, with LF extension from 3 x eLS400 and 3 x eLS600 subs.

“I am very passionate about sound quality and the ID24 really is an incredible loudspeaker with a clear and elegant sound. When our customers first see it, they often don’t believe that it’s large enough to do the job, but they are always amazed when they hear it. And it’s also very durable. We have many installations, indoors and outdoors, operating year after year with no problems.”

Following the installation at BRASS, NEXO system designs for two further Fish Fritanga Group venues including a new beach bar are already underway.

“I love the NEXO brand” said Héctor in conclusion. “If I was a tattoo kind of guy, I’d probably have a NEXO tattoo!”

A sonic awakening: Loto Audio and Funktion-One in Mexico

“Some of the first gigs we did here in Mexico with Funktion-One included the Ometeotl Festival and Picnic Festival,” said Loto Audio’s Ramon Salazar. “All of the industry professionals were initially very sceptical about the Funktion-One system and the amount of speakers. Then when they heard it and experienced the sound; all the negative comments suddenly became congratulations.”

Mexico is one of the world’s most important places for electronic music parties and festivals - and Loto Audio and Funktion-One have played a critical role in furthering that reputation. From the recent launch surrounding Australian punk funk band Parcels’ latest album to high-profile festivals, Salazar and partner Alexander Danielewicz are enhancing the sonic experience of country’s most exciting parties.

“Funktion-One’s brand name, ethos, vibe and the spirit behind the products are fantastic,” commented Salazar. “The simple act of listening to a Funktion-One speaker does the marketing and sales job for us.”

Danielewicz agreed: “The brand reputation and performance really sets the difference for our gigs over here.”

Both Salazar and Danielewicz kicked off their musical adventures as impressionable teenagers. Danielewicz was influenced by his parents’ love for eighties music and an early stint in front of a mixing desk in a school classroom. Salazar began DJing at parties when he was just 14.

“The world of professional audio always captivated me,” he revealed. “But I realised early on that if I kept DJing at that level, it would never provide the lifestyle I dreamt of. So I decided to study audio engineering on a professional level instead.”

This move combined with an epiphany in the clubbing mecca of Berlin inspired Salazar to set up his own pro-audio venture. Like so many who make it into Berghain, he had a life-changing moment on the club’s legendary dancefloor.

“During that time of my life I worked with another reputable loudspeaker manufacturer but then I heard Funktion-One and fell in love with their products,” he explained. “When I stepped into the middle of the dancefloor that night I was so impressed; I was determined to have Funktion-One in my life and bring it to Mexico.”

Danielewicz met Salazar on a sound course, then again at a trade show in Mexico. As time passed, the pair became friends and Danielewicz was invited to join the company. His first gig was a challenging experience at the Social Festival in Mexico City.

“The venue was a military sports complex with the main stage, an indoor equestrian show jumping arena, and a similar-sized second stage,” he said. “The main stage featured a stacked Vero rig (as a ground support structure wouldn’t fit) and the second stage was fitted with a stacked Res 5 system.

As I started measuring and tuning the system, I was applying tons of EQ. Salazar told me to listen with and without the EQ filtering and to trust my ears. That’s when I became aware of the power of the system I was dealing with.”

In October 2023, Loto Audio supplied the Funktion-One sound for Australian band Parcels' ‘Live Vol. 2’ album launch in Mexico City. Parcels were initially a guitar-based group but a move to Berlin and a love for the dancefloor loosened them up, pushing their sound into more electronic and improvisational spaces.

“The band chose Mexico City for their party as they had fallen in love with the city’s diversity and bohemian lifestyle in previous tours,” said Danielewicz. “After understanding the venue’s needs and the artistic concept, we specified an Evo 7T system with F221 bass stacked for the performance. The venue was very reverberant but with the right positioning and tuning we managed to get it sounding really good.”

German DJ and producer Claptone was another high-profile party starter to visit Mexico whose sound was catered for by Funktion-One and Loto Audio.

“As they wanted to have the barricade very close to the stage, we opted for an asymmetric bass array with a fifteen element F221 delta array on stage right,” recalled Danielewicz. “Then we had three F132 accompanied by three F221 on stage left. Nine boxes of Vero per side took care of the main system and PSM12 for front fill. The gig went flawlessly.”

With these recent success stories under their belt, Loto Audio is now experiencing one of the busiest times of the year with DJs and promoters heading to Mexico for winter sun. Among the events in their calendar is Day Zero, a three-stage rave in the middle of the jungle, and Bahidorá and Electric Daisy Carnival in February 2024. Despite the demanding schedule, the pair are optimistic about keeping the wheels turning effectively.

“High season in Tulum involves very complex logistics,” concluded Salazar. “But as long as we plan ahead as per previous experiences, I trust it will be perfect.”

Bose Professional names Jim Schanz Vice President of Sales for the Americas

Jim Schanz has joined Bose Professional as their newly appointed Vice President of Sales for the Americas. This key appointment underscores the company’s commitment to its customers and the market throughout the North, Central and South American regions.

Schanz brings more than 25 years of distinguished professional AV experience in sales and marketing. In his most recent role as vice president of global sales at Shure, he developed and executed a global strategy for integrated systems, leveraging his deep understanding of the customer and trends in the evolving AV industry.

In his new role at Bose Professional, Schanz will report to CEO John Maier and will be responsible for leading the sales strategy across the Americas.

“I am incredibly excited about joining Bose Professional,” stated Schanz. “It is an exciting time for the company and our industry. I am looking forward to joining an amazing leadership team and the opportunity to lead a very talented and passionate sales team.”

“Jim's profound expertise and passion for delivering top-tier audio solutions make him a vital addition to Bose Professional,” said Maier. “We are excited to have his leadership, especially as we build our team and structure as a newly independent and standalone business.”

Primavera Sound announces its dates for 2024

Anyone who has visited a Primavera Sound event has understood and adored the unique personality that defines the festival, created in Barcelona in 2001. Each year promises a distinctive line-up, bringing generations and diverse styles together, creating a first-class experience.

The Cure's acclaimed comeback tour in Latin America after a decade's absence, with Robert Smith in top form, was a great highlight of the 2023 lineup. Further exciting the 2023 crowd, collective karaoke with Pet Shop Boys, the impressive performance of Blur in Buenos Aires, The Killers in São Paulo, and the funk explosion of Beck were all in attendance.

As at every edition of the festival, the concerts of the local artists have also left their mark: the diva Marisa Monte and the energetic return of Cansei de Ser Sexy in São Paulo, or the massive homecoming show by El Mató a un Policía Motorizado and the absolute confirmation of Dillom in Buenos Aires have been just some of the moments that are essential to defend their respective successes.

Primavera Sound reaffirmed its relevance within the festival scene by confirming the dates for next year's editions. Opening the season will be Primavera’s Montevideo event on the 21 of November 2024. It will be followed by the third editions of Primavera Sound Buenos Aires (23 and 24 November) and São Paulo (30 November and 1st December).

Even with an excellent lineup, the festival would not be possible without its partners: Popart, Dale Play and Move Concerts in Buenos Aires, T4F - Time For Fun in São Paulo, Gaucho in Montevideo, G5Pro in Asunción, Bizarro in Bogotá, and Santiago de Chile and Lima.

Centro Felicidad community centres invest in Bose Professional

In 2022, the Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte (IDRD) in Bogota, Colombia, unveiled a series of new community centres known as Centro Felicidad (Happiness Centres).  

These centres serve the diverse population of Bogota, offering modern facilities and high-quality services for cultural, recreational, and sports activities.

Designed by various Colombian architects selected through a public competition and constructed by C&G Ingenieria y Construcciones, these centres represent a significant investment in the city's well-being. 

Tecnoprocesos, an AV integrator and official distributor of Bose Professional in Colombia, was tasked with designing and integrating advanced audio systems to enhance the community experience.  

For the Centro Felicidad - San Cristobal location, Tecnoprocesos designed and integrated an audio system for a multipurpose gym and classrooms for sports, cultural and recreational activities.  

For the Centro Felicidad - Fontanar del Río location, Tecnoprocesos designed and integrated an audio system for the main auditorium where movies, documentaries, and different cultural, artistic and social events take place.  

Centro Felicidad - San Cristóbal’s multipurpose gymnasium presented acoustic challenges due to its large size and various surfaces that caused sound reflections. The space is used for sports events, dance competitions, and artistic and cultural events. To combat these challenges, Tecnoprocesos installed a ShowMatch DeltaQ system suspended from the venue ceiling.  

The system consists of two ShowMatch SM10 and SM20 modules on each side and two SM118 subwoofers in the centre to provide optimal sound coverage.  

Tecnoprocesos specialists also sought the best possible intelligibility to ensure that the audience listened to the diverse music and unique events held in the spaces. To this end, the system has eight RoomMatch Utility RMU208 loudspeakers distributed in the grandstand area, which will help provide information to the sporting events’ attendees. 

Within the Centro Felicidad - San Cristóbal, audio systems were fitted inside the classrooms for community workshops and fitness sessions, like spinning, weightlifting and dance lessons.  

In each room, DesignMax DM3SE loudspeakers were chosen for their simple installation, elegant design and efficient performance for voice, music or any other audio content. Each room has a FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier, whose simplicity is greatly appreciated by the teachers when making changes directly on the front panel and the variety of audio source inputs. 

The second acoustic challenge was presented in the Centro Felicidad - Fontanar del Río's auditorium, which was originally designed with glass walls that posed acoustic challenges. It needed to serve as a venue for conferences, academic events, and movie screenings.  

After suggesting modifications to the blueprints and construction materials of the Centro Felicidad - Fontanar del Río auditorium, Tecnoprocesos and Automa designed an audio system that offers the best sound for both movie projection, lectures, workshops or social events. Two Panaray MSA12X column loudspeakers were installed behind the projection screen — one for the right channel and one for the left — to achieve the best coverage and ensure intelligibility. Tecnoprocesos placed an MB210-WR subwoofer in the same space to complete the installation at the front of the auditorium. 

The Bose Professional audio solutions have greatly enhanced the community experience in these centres since their inauguration. Users can enjoy clear sound during lectures, workshops, and classes, and the sound of music or movies is equally distributed throughout the spaces.  

Tecnoprocesos has successfully delivered versatile audio systems tailored to different spaces and activities, ensuring ease of operation and adaptability for future needs. Community members have embraced these spaces, using them for various events like graduations and film screenings.  

Carlos Osejo Moreno, the manager of Centro Felicidad - Fontanar del Río, emphasised that these centres have become integral to the community, hosting significant events, and nurturing a sense of belonging.  

Javier Arias, the general manager of Tecnoprocesos, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the audio systems, emphasising their commitment to maintaining performance standards over the contract period with support from Automa and Bose Professional.