Primavera Sound announces its dates for 2024

Anyone who has visited a Primavera Sound event has understood and adored the unique personality that defines the festival, created in Barcelona in 2001. Each year promises a distinctive line-up, bringing generations and diverse styles together, creating a first-class experience.

The Cure’s acclaimed comeback tour in Latin America after a decade’s absence, with Robert Smith in top form, was a great highlight of the 2023 lineup. Further exciting the 2023 crowd, collective karaoke with Pet Shop Boys, the impressive performance of Blur in Buenos Aires, The Killers in São Paulo, and the funk explosion of Beck were all in attendance.

As at every edition of the festival, the concerts of the local artists have also left their mark: the diva Marisa Monte and the energetic return of Cansei de Ser Sexy in São Paulo, or the massive homecoming show by El Mató a un Policía Motorizado and the absolute confirmation of Dillom in Buenos Aires have been just some of the moments that are essential to defend their respective successes.

Primavera Sound reaffirmed its relevance within the festival scene by confirming the dates for next year’s editions. Opening the season will be Primavera’s Montevideo event on the 21 of November 2024. It will be followed by the third editions of Primavera Sound Buenos Aires (23 and 24 November) and São Paulo (30 November and 1st December).

Even with an excellent lineup, the festival would not be possible without its partners: Popart, Dale Play and Move Concerts in Buenos Aires, T4F – Time For Fun in São Paulo, Gaucho in Montevideo, G5Pro in Asunción, Bizarro in Bogotá, and Santiago de Chile and Lima.