Centro Felicidad community centres invest in Bose Professional

In 2022, the Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte (IDRD) in Bogota, Colombia, unveiled a series of new community centres known as Centro Felicidad (Happiness Centres).  

These centres serve the diverse population of Bogota, offering modern facilities and high-quality services for cultural, recreational, and sports activities.

Designed by various Colombian architects selected through a public competition and constructed by C&G Ingenieria y Construcciones, these centres represent a significant investment in the city’s well-being. 

Tecnoprocesos, an AV integrator and official distributor of Bose Professional in Colombia, was tasked with designing and integrating advanced audio systems to enhance the community experience.  

For the Centro Felicidad – San Cristobal location, Tecnoprocesos designed and integrated an audio system for a multipurpose gym and classrooms for sports, cultural and recreational activities.  

For the Centro Felicidad – Fontanar del Río location, Tecnoprocesos designed and integrated an audio system for the main auditorium where movies, documentaries, and different cultural, artistic and social events take place.  

Centro Felicidad – San Cristóbal’s multipurpose gymnasium presented acoustic challenges due to its large size and various surfaces that caused sound reflections. The space is used for sports events, dance competitions, and artistic and cultural events. To combat these challenges, Tecnoprocesos installed a ShowMatch DeltaQ system suspended from the venue ceiling.  

The system consists of two ShowMatch SM10 and SM20 modules on each side and two SM118 subwoofers in the centre to provide optimal sound coverage.  

Tecnoprocesos specialists also sought the best possible intelligibility to ensure that the audience listened to the diverse music and unique events held in the spaces. To this end, the system has eight RoomMatch Utility RMU208 loudspeakers distributed in the grandstand area, which will help provide information to the sporting events’ attendees. 

Within the Centro Felicidad – San Cristóbal, audio systems were fitted inside the classrooms for community workshops and fitness sessions, like spinning, weightlifting and dance lessons.  

In each room, DesignMax DM3SE loudspeakers were chosen for their simple installation, elegant design and efficient performance for voice, music or any other audio content. Each room has a FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier, whose simplicity is greatly appreciated by the teachers when making changes directly on the front panel and the variety of audio source inputs. 

The second acoustic challenge was presented in the Centro Felicidad – Fontanar del Río’s auditorium, which was originally designed with glass walls that posed acoustic challenges. It needed to serve as a venue for conferences, academic events, and movie screenings.  

After suggesting modifications to the blueprints and construction materials of the Centro Felicidad – Fontanar del Río auditorium, Tecnoprocesos and Automa designed an audio system that offers the best sound for both movie projection, lectures, workshops or social events. Two Panaray MSA12X column loudspeakers were installed behind the projection screen — one for the right channel and one for the left — to achieve the best coverage and ensure intelligibility. Tecnoprocesos placed an MB210-WR subwoofer in the same space to complete the installation at the front of the auditorium. 

The Bose Professional audio solutions have greatly enhanced the community experience in these centres since their inauguration. Users can enjoy clear sound during lectures, workshops, and classes, and the sound of music or movies is equally distributed throughout the spaces.  

Tecnoprocesos has successfully delivered versatile audio systems tailored to different spaces and activities, ensuring ease of operation and adaptability for future needs. Community members have embraced these spaces, using them for various events like graduations and film screenings.  

Carlos Osejo Moreno, the manager of Centro Felicidad – Fontanar del Río, emphasised that these centres have become integral to the community, hosting significant events, and nurturing a sense of belonging.  

Javier Arias, the general manager of Tecnoprocesos, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the audio systems, emphasising their commitment to maintaining performance standards over the contract period with support from Automa and Bose Professional.