Total Show Pro adopts Optocore solution for LP’s arena show

Audio Consultant and Sound Engineer Victor Baeza Evia recently championed the use of Optocore fibre solutions in Mexico.

During his work on a past event, Evia decided to purchase a set of Optocore DD32R-FX AES/EBU fibre interfaces, along with  DD6NE Ethernet switches and X6R converters, after being introduced to the platform by Dubai-based AgorA LLC. Returning to the Emirates in December 2023 to again work with AgorA LLC, these Optocore products were put to use at the UN COP28 UAE Climate Change Convention at Dubai’s Expo City. 

“The first time I saw the units I just fell in love with them—I could see they were built like a tank,” Evia said.   

Recently, he sub-rented the Optocore devices to AV rental company, Total Pro Show. “Total Show have traditionally been running most of their networks on Cat5 or XLR,” he revealed. “They were looking to invest in a more rugged solution, but it’s not always easy to get proper outdoor cable. So, I proposed the idea of running fibre on their corporate and music events, where they are delivering sound from different locations or over long distances, rather than the standard format.”  

Evia commented that the company was excited at the prospect. “They also saw Optocore as a great solution to run their d&b PA and [DiGiCo] digital desks. The DD6 sits perfectly in that set-up for inputs and outputs and as part of a FOH network, especially with amplifiers now network-controlled. We have also been trying to do the lighting with the DD6 and that has worked well.”  

At the Foro GNP Seguros Arena in Mérida, during the Mexican leg of the artist LP’s Love Lines tour, Evia deployed the Optocore fibre solution for PA transmission, distribution, control and monitoring. Since its success in the Foro GNP Seguros Arena, it has been specified for shows with Alejandra Guzman and Manuel Medrano in Auditorio La Isla Merida.  

“Our Optocore solution consists of a single ring with a pair each of the DD32 and DD6 devices, which provides a lot of flexibility, with the rock-solid redundancy that only Optocore can supply.” The feedback we received was extremely positive. Everyone has been amazed by the transparency, quality, low latency, and redundancy that these devices give us at every show,” Evia concluded.