John Hopkins



John Hopkins is the co-founder of Celestial Labs, an industry-leading drone art company offering stunning light displays that fuse technology with soul. The company was launched in 2020 along with co-founders Tony Martin and Nick Kowalski.

Celestial displays are known for compelling storytelling, premium creativity and groundbreaking tech to deliver spectacular displays to audiences around the world. Celestial drones are also an environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks.

John leads all creative aspects of Celestial and has a reputation for working with the world’s most pioneering artists and brands. John’s mission at Celestial is to bring people together through a shared sense of wonder and use Celestial tech for good. Some of Celestial’s most recent work includes producing displays for Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations.

John and his team are driven by strong ethical values, which has also seen the development of Celestial’s human support applications, where drones can deliver life-saving emergency signage to those in need.

John is also an award-winning filmmaker, dedicated to enriching humanity’s relationship with nature. Before launching Celestial labs, John accumulated over two decades of writing and directing high-end TV commercials and feature films. His iconic commercial of Yeo Valley is often voted in the top 10 Tv ads of the twenty first century. John’s first feature film SLUMBER was produced by Goldcrest films and release theatrically in 2017. His latest film UNIFY is to be produced through Boxfly Media.

John is also a trustee of the Mama Upendo Children’s Trust, a charity that cares for orphans in Kenya.